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By Lydia Willgress for MailOnline. Harry Styles has been linked to a string of women from Caroline Flack to Taylor Swift with a new reports suggesting the One Direction hunk had fallen for someone who is not in the spotlight. Heat magazine alleged the year-old singer has been secretly dating Joy Muggli, a year-old talent agent from Los Angeles but representatives for the singer denied the story. The story is completely fabricated. Scroll down for video. It was claimed the pair met at mutual friend Jeff Azoff's birthday party in January. But Harry was linked to model Nadine Leopold until March.

Xander Ritz - Gay? Dating Harry Styles?

By name of Sherlock Holmes and nothing was ever the same in his life again. Xander stumbled upon Sherlock quite by accident one day while enjoying a walk with Harry. In fact Xander literally stumbled into Sherlock. Xander had stumbled into Sherlock and would have fell to the ground if not for the strong grip that kept him up.

Xander caught his breath then looked up and lost it again. The most mesmerizing blue eyes that Xander had ever seen was staring at him and his face was Xander felt instantly and irreversible drawn to the man and he didn't even know his name. Xander couldn't even bring himself to look away and didn't until something more important caught his attention. Harry pulling on his leg. Xander finally looked away and looked down at his son.

I just stumbled into. I'm Xander Harris. And continued to go out with Sherlock for a week before anything changed. Finding himself in a car then being drived to a warehouse was something that Xander was completely unsure of how it happened. Nor was he sure how he reacted to the man that was in front of him as he was oddly drawn to him just as he was to Sherlock.

Everything about your file is there. Its all quite perfect, to perfect. Every single thing is in its place, exactly where it belongs with not one single error. Such a thing is not possible. You must not have been looking very hard. About how he had come to be in this reality and about finding Harry and everything that had happened since coming here.

Even told Mycroft about his life in Sunnydale, everything. Mycroft in turn listened and then began to tell Xander about his life. Which was how Xander learned that he was Sherlock's brother, Mycroft and had kidnapped Xander because he was very protective of Sherlock. The two of them had never shared their lives like that before and were both unsure of why they had. They were also unsure of why they arranged to meet again at a restaurant later that night.

Or why they continued to see each other for the next few weeks and didn't even face the fact that they were dating until Sherlock confronted them while they dined.

I know that your less then stellar diet limits you to who you can date but surely you can find someone other then my boyfriend to be with.

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Ruffled by the realization that he had in fact been dating Xander without him even knowing but he wasn't about to show that to Sherlock.

Not when his brother would use it against him though he supposed that in this Sherlock had the right to as he had in fact been seeing his brother's boyfriend.

However he did admit that he is still very good friends with Harry, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. "Good friends are the people you come across and it's no different from the last time, nothing changes. You see them again and they're exactly . May 12,   'Harry has never heard of her!' Styles' rep denies One Direction singer has been secretly dating a year-old talent agent from Los Angeles. Harry Styles has been linked to a string of women from Caroline Flack to Taylor Swift with a new reports suggesting the One Direction hunk had fallen for someone who is not in the spotlight. For while Mycroft had not realized that he was in fact dating Xander, he had been well aware of Sherlock dating Xander. Since Mycroft knew every detail of his brothers life, no matter how small. Sherlock was his life after all Until now. Until Xander. Until Harry.

For while Mycroft had not realized that he was in fact dating Xander, he had been well aware of Sherlock dating Xander. Since Mycroft knew every detail of his brothers life, no matter how small. Sherlock was his life after all Until now. Until Xander. Until Harry. The little boy had been introduced to Mycroft a week ago and Mycroft already cared for him. Now Mycroft found himself loving Sherlock but caring for two people who his brother also cared for.

Mycroft was unsure of what to do or how to react to any of it. Xander finally came out of his shock and turned to Sherlock. We are dating.

Harry and xander dating

I would very much conclude that we are in fact dating. There is no other deduction after all I realized that you were seeing someone else but as we had not discussed exclusivity and as I have never been a relationship before I was unsure how to go about it but when I realized you were seeing Mycroft I had to say something. So I follow the two of you. And now I realize that you were unaware of the fact that you were dating either of us It was foolish of me not to realize that but Xander had been dating.

Betraying Buffy.

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He was There was no words to describe it. Xander rose from the table and left the restaurant, ignoring anything they said to him. Xander had to get away from them and didn't stop walking until he was home, eleven miles away from the restaurant.

Xander went to Harry's room and stared at his son for hours while his mind was in turmoil Harry calmed him.

Jun 19,   Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Lou was in the Philly area attending FireFly with rumored beard Eleanor and friends. H had a show in Philly at the same time. Xander was also at that show, but was standing next to Harry's mom front of house, so that isn't exactly on the DL. Lou was rumored to be at the Boston show in dark suite. Aug 11,   R25 Sounds to me like another 1D conspiracy theory to keep the tale of the two gays alive (this time Xander & Harry instead of Louis & Harry). I mean, there are some better ways to throw fans off the track, for example let Xander be seen with a "girlfriend" for some time. "harry and xander are dating" last time i checked xander wasn't the one who got the dagger, the rope, the compass, the oops, th - s (@fondlarents) August 31, so harry went with xander to get ice cream and got louis' favorite flavor i just choked

Xander was unsure how to deal with the fact that he had betrayed his wife It was really to much. So Xander retreated from both of the Holmes men for a month while he dealt with it all. When he was finally ready to face them, Xander had come to a conclusion.

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Neither Harry nor Joy have confirmed or denied the rumours on social media. MailOnline has contacted Harry's rep for comment but has not yet received a reply. Argos AO. Latest Headlines U. Share this article Share.

Celeb News heatworld. Share or comment on this article: One Direction's Harry Styles denies he has been dating a talent agent e-mail 1.

Deducting Love

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Doctors hope knowledge gained from Married police constable, 41, is charged with murdering his lover after the woman was strangled in a Dorset High-profile business tycoon is blackmailed by the boyfriend of his transgender son over sex videos, court Megxit the movie! Lifetime announces new film that will chronicle Prince Harry and Meghan's 'controversial Italian aid worker returns home after 18 months held hostage by extremists in Africa where she converted to Boris's lockdown exit plan in full: 50 page document says two metre rule cannot always be kept, admits masks England's worst-hit hospitals: Data shows NHS body in Birmingham has recorded coronavirus deaths as Britons could finally see their grandparents, family or friends - and weddings could be back ON - under As a neutral fan, I don't ever think Louis got anyone pregnant.

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I have been following One Direction for a long time. It was PR that went south. Now he is stuck with some "kid". I am not saying this because I implying any sexuality about Louis. Only Larries think that kid isn't his.

He got a dna test before he started shelling out hefty custody payments. Having a child with a fling at 24 would never be considered a good PR move, no matter what the circumstances.

How 'neutral' can you be when you clearly believe Louis is gay, despite him saying on Twitter and on video that he is straight? Why is he living with, and vacationing with, the same girl he started seeing in ?

He described her as 'the one' recently and said he could see marriage down the line. Personally I think Harry is mostly straight tbh.

Girls Harry Styles Has Dated - 2019

I mean, I don't know if he experimented or if he's one of these guys that want to fuck everyone and everything when they are high. Maybe he's bisexual, but heteroromantic He did an interview with in where he was asked by the interviewer about his friendship with Nick Grimshaw and if he was bisexual and he said he was not:. Harry: What rumours would they be? That you're an item.

Harry: Oh, really? I didn't even know. We're not dating, no. We're just friends. So you're not bisexual? Harry: Bisexual?

May 11,   Harry Styles and Xander. they were very close in ,he traveled with him in private jet and was in his concerts and i think we did not see him a lot because Harry was mia too during but now Harry is in public eyes again we are going to see Xander more too. Aug 01,   The two started dating when Harry was just 17, while Caroline was 31 at the time. "It began to go wrong when Harry was pictured coming out of my house one morning. And once that was out, it was Occupation: Assistant Editor. Summary: "Boybander Harry Styles spotted leaving West Hollywood joined hand in hand with new beau, Xander Ritz" His heart drops in his chest as he scrolls down, ignoring the short irrelevant article and looking desperately for a picture.

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm not. So either he was lying or he isn't. In he was asked again about his sexuality by The Sun and basically told them to fuck off lol. They talked about sexuality in pop and Miley Cyrus coming out as pansexual. At the time of the interview he was reportedly dating Tess Ward, a no name chef and food blooger and they never confirmed it officially.

I guess if it was a beard, his management would have organised someone more high-profile. He's a very famous pop singer, I'm sure another famous singer or actress would have agreed. Also for bearding a few pap strolls and some PDA are usually helpful and nothing like that happened.

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Speaking of paps, he's also pretty much followed by paps and fans everywhere and they share everything on social media. If you want to, you can basically find out where he and with whom he is at nearly all times. So if he's ever been in a relationship with a man, he's extremly good at hiding it and never ever engaged in PDA with him. Some of the gays from Queer Eye partied with him recently in Japan and Kamaro Brown talked about it in an interview and called him "this straight guy" it was a story about showing him Grindr, that's why it was even mentioned.

So either he's straight or Kamaro just doesn't know better or he's part of the big bad closet conspiracy. Also while I believe that coming out as anything other than straight would have been discouraged by One Direction's management team, I don't think he'd hide anymore these days. He's been solo now for 3 years, his manager is a good friend, his music and acting career is fine, he's a multimillionaire and doesn't depend on his record sales and I'd think Gucci would love to have a famous queer testimonial.

I'd even go as far and say that coming out as boringly straight would be more of a PR problem for him these days. So where does it say that Louis got a DNA test done and he is paying child support?

Sorry, mate, you are making it up. Not going to argue about that one. R31 Apart from what R32 said about this being super awful "PR" in fact they noticibly struggled with damage controllittle Freddie looks like a blond carbon copy of Louis. I think all the One Direction boys are straight, mostly because otherwise their dynamic in the early days would have been a bit different imho. They were very touchy feely, always joking with each other, full of innendo, grabbbing each others crotches etc.

It's typical British straight lad humour to play a bit gay. And I'm sure they also played it up, because they knew their teenage girl fans loved it when they were cutesy with each other as documented by the endless "ships" apart from Larry in the fandom.

But I think if one or more of them were actually gay I don't think they would have made as many jokes about it on camera it kind of defeats the purpose of being in the closet and all the physical banter and touching each other would have been more hesitant, because it could have been interpreted wrongly by one of them. And most straight guys don't like it and see it as much as a joke if a gay man grabs their crotch. Thanks r23 I guess I'm too old and too allergic to boybands to ever really get into the 1D guys though I've always found Harry very sexy.

There's something about him that just spells hot dirty sex which I guess explains why we'd want him gay or at least bi. R36, yes, Freddie and Louis look very similar. He talks about that little boy in nearly all his interviews.

Use your common sense, R Louis had known Briana only a few months.

remarkable, very valuable

And yes, a 23 year old boyband member knocking up a random club girl is a PR nightmare, made worse by the crackpot Larries screeching all over social media that Louis was pushing a reborn doll in a stroller around Calabasas. One of them even emailed TMZ a sex tape claiming it featured the mother of Louis' child.

The cheers were loudest when Harry said 'we're all a little bit gay, aren't we' at one of his concerts. I think he is a very tactile, sensual guy who has had sexual experiences with men. I can imagine him enjoying being wrapped up and cared for by an older, taller, bigger guy - like his friend Xander Ritz. But he does seem to date female models, not guys, and I don't believe any of them were beards.

R38 I agree, there's just something about him, a certain charisma.

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