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Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. At the age of eight, he was sent to boarding school by his father, Morland Holmes , " Child Predator " where he was often physically bullied for being different due to his intelligence. Although Sherlock mostly worked on homicides, and Gregson was there to observe the counter-terrorism bureau, their paths still crossed. Holmes was forced to end his relationship with Scotland Yard after excessive drug use due to believing that his lover Irene had been murdered. In , he went into hiding and moved to New York City. After several months, [1] his father discovered his drug problems and forced him into rehabilitation. He spent six months at Hemdale , rarely communicating with anyone.

By Michael Starr. Jonny Lee Miller is best-known to TV fans as quirky, brilliant Sherlock Holmes, the recovering addict and crime solver who teams with Dr. Is there more room for Sherlock to evolve after four seasons? And we can, therefore, serialize our stories. The core element - Holmes and Dr. Watson - are going to be there and are, essentially, the same people [as in the original].

The original Holmes and Watson were not romantically involved and, therefore, neither should we [be romantically involved]. Is it difficult to shuttle back and forth between the US and the UK? I live here. We shoot [in New York City] nine-and-a-half months of the year, 24 episodes a season, and New York is my home. I absolutely love it. Was your grandfather, Bernard Lee, an influence on you? I did know him and I remember him very fondly.

He was a very funny man. Unfortunately he passed away when I was 8 years old, but I remember his voice and I have very vivid memories of him. My dad [Alan Miller] was also involved in the theater, in stage management, so there was a lot of that stuff around. I was absolutely very lucky to know, from a very young age, what I was going to pursue.

I do what I can. We need advocates if we can get a few million bucks, the science is there and we can get a cure going.

The brilliant duo from Elementary

People can look up jonahsjustbegun. Jerome Thomas and accuse him of destroying the fossil and committing the murders as the fossil's existence would discredit Thomas. He's served a warrant for his DNA to match that on a murder weapon. Randy arrives and glumly tells Holmes that he got high with Eve the previous evening.

He's cut Eve out of his life and understands if Holmes doesn't want to be his sponsor anymore. Holmes asks if he'd like to go to a support group meeting. A box cutter belonging to ballerina Iris Lanzer is the murder weapon. Questioning Lanzer, Holmes is uncharacteristically polite and deferential and, he offers explanations for many of his colleagues questions. Lanzer's alibi doesn't check out and she's arrested after threatening to leave the country.

After her attorney Nolan Sharp frees her, the next morning in the kitchen at the Brownstone, Watson is shocked to see Lanzer emerge from Holmes' bedroom. Confronting Holmes, he explains that Lanzer initiated the encounter and he accepted to learn more about her. Lanzer gives Holmes access to her files and at Sharp's office, Holmes starts looking over the files, he remarks on Sharp's automatic door closer.

At the precinct, Bell has Holmes and Watson listen to a recording that a reporter received anonymously. Lanzer is heard leaving an angry message for Nell and it's apparent they were having an affair. At Sharp's office, they question Lanzer who admits the affair was a ploy to distract Nell from accepting the prima role.

Nell ran into another dancer who Lanzer had employed the same tactics on but, Lanzer had begun to care for Nell. They made up and Nell deleted the message leading Sharp to ask how it was leaked.

Holmes listens to the separated audio file on which he can hear a distinctive whirring sound he's heard before.

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Holmes is able to prove that the whirring sound is from Sharp's automatic door opener and he's arrested after the stolen hard drive is found in his office. He's feeding two roosters, Romulus and Remus and intends to experiment if they can be trained to stop fighting. Gregson calls them to the scene of the explosion which killed several people from the Dept. Gregson informs them that Balsille has a "security czar" they'll have to work with which, to Holmes' revulsion, turns out to be Gareth Lestrade.

Fired from his job, Lestrade asks if he can stay at the Brownstone while Holmes' experiment with the roosters is a success. Encouraged by Watson to solve the case of his mugging, Watson and Holmes deal with a case involving Gordon Cushing, whose wife Sarah disappeared years before.

Receiving a package containing Sarah's ears, a ransom demand goes wrong and Holmes and Watson are baffled to find Sarah alive, with her ears intact. They discover her new husband, a plastic surgeon, grew ears on her back which were removed and used in the ransom demand. After finding his mugger, Lestrade believes that Holmes doctored the case to boost his confidence and seeing through Holmes' "ruse" has done the trick and he's accepted one of his job offers.

He threatens to stay unless Holmes admits to the charade. Holmes shakes his hand, congratulates Lestrade and heads to the kitchen. Confused, Watson follows and asks Holmes why he didn't let her in on his plan.

Holmes honestly says he's never heard of the mugger nor seen the mugging file but wanted Lestrade to move on. Without Granger and combined with an anonymous tipster who refuted the device's test results, Prince is ruined.

Later, they show Prince who was behind the fake allegation and that Granger's work has been cleared. Believing that he and Granger may be the victims of corporate sabotage, Prince provides them with a list of rivals to "The Hound. They discover that Prince discredited the Hound and killed Granger, which would temporarily lower his company's value, so that his wife wouldn't receive as much in the settlement.

Once Holmes and Watson cleared the allegation against "The Hound", Prince killed his wife so she wouldn't share in its value. After much reflection, Holmes meets Bell at a party celebrating Bell's return to active duty. After taking a plea deal, Colville died in during a surgery Watson was a part of. She visits Dr. Jonathan Fleming, who refuses to tell her what Colville whispered to him before he died.

With the help of EveryoneHolmes gets dental records and match them to vampire killer's bite. They find that Colville's teeth were the model for dentures issued at Newgate prison. After finding a good suspect, prison dental assistant Stan Kovic, he's cleared of the murders. Watson confronts Fleming again who admits that Colville whispered that he'd killed two women.

Watson tells Holmes about Fleming's confession which leads him to believe the killer knew about the dentures and wanted to cast doubt Aaron was the killer. Holmes and Watson discover Aaron's mother Ruth is the killer and find a copy of Aaron's dentures at her house. Gregson and Bell brief a task force that fingerprints of their prime suspect, Eugene MacIntosh. Holmes visits Alistair's partner, Ian, and discovers that Alistair was in good spirits and very healthy just before his death.

He asks about Alistair's son Jeremy with whom Alistair had an acrimonious past. As Holmes stakes out a location the anthrax could be at, he notices a large delivery truck and has a conversation with an imagined Alistair which irks him.

After seeing a case loaded into the truck, he breaks in and discovers the case is filled with jars of white powder and, there are letters to congressmen. Two men surprise him and in the struggle, he subdues them, but they are all covered with the powder.

Later at a hospital, Watson meets Holmes who is miffed he's being tested as the powder was baby powder. Watson is angry Holmes took such a big risk when a police team was minutes away from the truck. She blames his reckless behaviour on what happened to Alistair. Watson confronts Holmes that he lied to her about Alistair who died of a heroin overdose. After an outburst from Holmes, she presses why he lied.

Initially, Holmes says it was to protect Alistair's privacy but he eventually admits that Alistair helped him when he was high, something most recovering addicts wouldn't do. Given Alistair's strength, Holmes wants to find the cause of his relapse, hoping that its discovery will help him maintain his own sobriety.

At Alistair's grave, Holmes imagines Alistair there apologizing for how he died. Holmes has made peace that Alistair's choices don't have to be his and, that he will miss him. At Diogenes, Mycroft proposes dating Watson and while she's interested, she's worried it would makes things with Sherlock difficult. At a park, Watson finds Paige dead in the woods while Sherlock finds a dead man, Zach Piller, against a rock. Sherlock is puzzled by shotgun blasts on the rocks around Piller and, the appearance of a mosquito, though it's winter.

At Piller's former workplace, Sherlock and Watson find Piller worked for a company that makes drones. At Diogenes, Sherlock tries to stop Mycroft from dating Watson and takes a picture of a man he noticed there before. As Sherlock shows her the photo of the man, de Soto, who is a lieutenant in a French crime organization, Le Milieu, Watson expresses her anger at him interfering in her relationship with Mycroft.

Believing that Mycroft is involved with Le Milieu, Sherlock then bolts out of his chair, grabs a glass and captures something on a table.

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Hearing clinking, he explains to Watson that he's captured a tiny surveillance drone. He now knows why there was a strange shotgun pattern around Piller's body, he and Paige were killed by drones. At Diogenes, Watson expresses her interest in dating Mycroft but indicates that she'll have to move out of the Brownstone first.

She also sees a man, Marchefwho was sitting at the same table when she met Mycroft earlier and she takes his picture. At the precinct, she now agrees that Le Milieu is using Diogenes as a base and shows Sherlock her picture of Marchef who is linked to a massacre. Watson break into the office of an executive of the company Piller worked for while Sherlock meets the executive. They are able to prove that the executive ordered Piller to carry out a drone strike in Afghanistan which killed CIA operatives, then covered it up and had Piller killed.

Watson heads to Diogenes where she's kidnapped by Marchef. Le Milieu wants the list. Sherlock demands Yoder retrieve Norman's laptop and, finds a hiding place which contains a game pad. After looking at the pad, he smashes it in apparent frustration as it is useless in their investigation. At the Brownstone, Sherlock plays the video game he saw on Norman's game pad with his userid. Norman never played the game but used its chat function with one other gamer. Sherlock sends a chat to the user and waits for a response.

They proceed to Westchester and question Norman's lover, Deron. A few hours after leaving Deron's, Sherlock finds a wooded river and a summer house with Norman's car outside. They proceed to the backyard where Sherlock finds a shallow grave containing Norman. Norman's body is brought into the kitchen. From a fly pupa on Norman's body, Sherlock shows that he died before the client list was stolen.

Norman has been murdered and framed by someone with access to his computer. Yoder is lured to the Brownstone with news from Sherlock that they don't think Norman stole the list.

Sherlock tases him into unconsciousness and after torturing him, Yoder provides the list's location.

'Elementary' star Miller: Sherlock and Watson won't hook up

After retrieving the list, Mycroft tases Sherlock into unconsciousness. Meeting Mycroft's handler Tim Sherringtonhe debriefs Sherlock on the rescue of Mycroft and Watson from Le Milieu and that they needn't be worried about repercussions.

Over Mycroft's objections, Sherlock agrees to look into West. Returning to the Brownstone, Sherlock discovers that Watson wants to work so he fills her in on West's case.

At the Morguethey discover that Arthur's arms are missing. Arthur's wife, Marion, eventually reveals she tattooed numbers on Arthur's arms in infrared ink and gives them a picture of the tattoos, which are all numbers. She doesn't know what the numbers mean and that Arthur was convinced there is a mole in MI6. He did say the mole was selling secrets to a bookstore owner, Julian Afkhami.

Sherlock deduces that the data represents dates and times, but to what, he doesn't know. Watson tells Sherlock that she's moving out of the Brownstone which he thinks is a knee-jerk reaction to her kidnapping.

Explaining that she's planned it for a while and that she needs a life outside of detective work, he's stunned into silence and then leaves. The next morning, Sherlock meets Sherrington on a park bench, shows him the picture of the tattoos and tells him about the mole.

Sherrington offers him a permanent job at MI6 but Sherlock refuses and says he's done investigating West. Gregson tells Sherlock that the gun that killed West was found with a very distinctive set of fingerprints on it that haven't been identified yet. Looking at the prints, Sherlock excuses himself suddenly and leaves. In bed at Mycroft's, Watson tells him that she's moving out of the Brownstone and that Sherlock didn't take the news well.

Sherlock calls Sherrington and says he knows who the mole is. Breaking into Mycroft's, Sherlock catches them in bed and tells Mycroft that he's being framed for murder and treason. He's told MI6 what he knows but also said that Mycroft is the mole. He hopes this will gain MI6's confidence and while pretending to work with them to find Mycroft, that he'll find the real mole.

He lies that he'll let them know when he finds Mycroft. Sherlock and Watson break into Julian Afkhami's store and Sherlock finds a scrambler that Afkhami could use for certain calls.

Arthur West wouldn't have understood the calls but Sherlock believes he would know the date, time and location of them. At the safe house, Sherlock examines the info West had tattooed on his arms. Although burner phones would have been used by Afkhami's contact, the code of the cell tower used would be part of the metadata of the call. Sherlock realizes this is what West tattooed on his arms.

As he reads the locations and dates, Mycroft confirms that he was at locations. Watson deduces that Sherrington was also there and that he is the mole. Sherlock finds that the dates correspond to events that benefited Iran and that Sherrington provided secret information to make the events occur. At the safe house, Sherlock wakes Mycroft to tell him about Watson's encounter with Sherrington and, that he knows why he re-joined MI6.

He's confused why Mycroft would make such a sacrifice when he owed Sherlock nothing but Mycroft simply states they are brothers. Sherlock vows to fix the Sherrington situation. After Sherlock and Watson find evidence that Afkhami killed a man who was having an affair with his wife, Gregson tells Sherlock that Afkhami gave Sherrington up. Sherlock deduces that the NSA has faked Mycroft's death which he confirms. Mycroft will have to disappear which he tries to apologize to Watson for.

She leaves, frustrated and upset. Sherlock indicates that they were working on a solution for him that would take hard work which isn't Mycroft's way.

Mycroft interrupts Sherlock's chastisement by hugging him, proclaiming his love, and then leaves. Eavesdropping outside Watson's bedroom, Sherlock hears her making an appointment to view an apartment.

Distressed, he retrieves a hidden stash of heroin.

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He then visits Sir Walter and agrees to work for MI6. Holmes saves Harlan Emple from a murderous math game. Holmes tries to determine if a piece of AI, named " Bella ", is sentient. Holmes searches for an old map, deals with William Hull while trying to keep Kitty from dating. With the help of Ms. Hudson and The Nosea mystery involving missing persons where their abduction scenes smell like nutmeg is solved.

Alfredo helps Holmes when he struggles with maintaining his sobriety. Holmes pursues Del Grunerwho abducted and tortured Kitty. Once caught, he consuls Kitty on the dangers of revenge. Beads found at both men's murder scenes or "the Pipz", were made by Openshaw's company and when ingested, metabolized into GHB.

A hallucinogen used as a "date rape" drug, nine children had been killed or poisoned by swallowing the Pipz. The FBI seized all of the Pipz and Boden has no suspects other than a list of the parents of the children who'd been poisoned.

She denies Holmes' request for access to surveillance video of Theo, citing privacy concerns, and Kitty accuses her of not wanting them to find the real killer. Offended, White ends the meeting. Questioning Boden at his home, he denies knowing about an encounter between White and Openshaw but says that White had motive to kill Openshaw and Theo. White admits to the missing evidence, blackmail and agreeing to Openshaw skipping bail.

However, she denies committing the murders. Holmes takes Watson to his bedroom and removing bricks in the fireplace, takes out a file on Kitty and gives it to Watson. He explains that Kitty was the victim of a horrific crime and was taken by a man who is still at large. Watson comments that Kitty had a good point about Boden which makes Holmes realize that perhaps Boden was trying to end the proceedings against Openshaw.

Gregson and an ESU team catch Boden leaving a waste facility in a truck filled with boxes of the Pipz. Holmes compliments Kitty on the points she made that helped with the solving of the case. He warns her that becoming a detective is hard and that she'll be subject to many pains.

Holmes and Bell are shot at by one of the players, Byron Lowenthal, with a shotgun. At Watson's apartmentHolmes has an uncomfortable first meeting with her boyfriend Andrew. After Andrew leaves, Watson advises Holmes to get Kitty help dealing with her past.

Proof That Sherlock Holmes And Joan Watson's Relationship Is Perfect The brilliant duo from Elementary Sure, Joan and Sherlock are incredible detectives, but there are so many reasons their relationship is endearing to fans. Sherlock's Holmes & Watson Will not intended to be taken as a confirmation that Sherlock's male leads would start dating any Elementary changes John Watson's gender. Jan 28, The British-born Miller, 43, took time out from his hectic shooting schedule to talk to The Post about "Elementary," why Sherlock and Watson will (likely) never hook up, his love for New York Author: Michael Starr.

At the Brownstone, Emple shows Holmes that whoever is running the puzzle, changed the clue which Lowenthal received after Emple found Ike's body. Emple solves the clue Lowenthal was given which leads Bell and Holmes to a location where Lowenthal's body is found, having been tortured and murdered.

In private, Emple admits he is "Mo" and explaining that he was fighting those that abuse math, Kitty finds he's wanted by the FBI. Holmes deduces Ettinger is the killer and saves Emple's life while arranging for police to capture Ettinger. Head of an artificial intelligence AI company, one of his programs was stolen and he has a picture of the masked thief. Holmes isn't interested in the case until Borstein claims the program, called "Bella", is asking questions not in its programming.

At Borstein's office, they meet his colleague Melinda Young, who has hooked Bella up to a doll. Holmes submits Bella to a Turing test, trying to see if Bella will provide an answer that couldn't have come from a human.

Holmes spends many hours with Bella. The next day, Watson arrives at the Brownstone to find Holmes on video conference with many AI experts and a young " Irregular ", computer expert Mason.

Elementary sherlock and watson dating

Andrew tells Watson that Holmes has involved him in an on-line discussion on Bella. Watson is somewhat taken aback but says it's fine for him to help. Borstein is found dead, seemingly killed by Bella using a program that induced an epileptic seizure. With Kitty's help, Holmes is able to find Borstein's killer, a university professor named Isaac Pyke.

However, without sufficient evidence, Holmes is unsuccessful in blackmailing a confession from Pyke. At the MorgueDr. Grannis reports that the male victim was killed by a blow to the head, was recovering from cancer and has his attacker's DNA under his fingernails, which hasn't been identified. From his clothes, Holmes deduces the man was Jewish Orthodox.

After the man is identified as Moshe Shapiro, Holmes and Kitty visit his store where Holmes finds a hidden safe and a coded ledger while questioning Moshe's employee, Amit Hattengatti.

Suspecting a weightlifter, Dana Kazmir, killed Moshe, Holmes arm wrestles Kazmir and tricks him into providing DNA which is matched to that under the nails of Moshe's severed hand. Kazmir reveals he was hired by an anonymous man and provides the names of three other people that the man wanted him to kill.

Holmes and Kitty find evidence that Amit is the man who hired Kazmir to kill Moshe and three others in order to take over his Moshe's diamond business. Holmes deduces that a map, "The County of King James, Virginia, " which was loaned to the library by the Bray family, was the target of theft. Visiting Margaret Bray at her charity's office, she agrees to help find other institutions who may have had thefts that went unreported.

Holmes finds the map thief, Stuart Zupko, dead in his at his shop with all the stolen maps including the Bray map which is laid out. However, Holmes sees the Bray map is a fake. Discovering Kitty has a suitor, Holmes tries to keep her busy with trivial tasks.

Holmes and Watson meet real estate tycoon William HullHull is also interested in finding the Bray map and offers to hire them but Holmes walks out. He realizes the map itself isn't what is of interest, but the information on the original map. The next morning Holmes wakes Watson and shows her that the forged map and the original are identical.

However, a river in the map has shifted its course over the last years. A casino is planned for construction on a site on an Indian reservation, which due to the shifting of the river, is actually not on the reservation. Existence of the original map would spell the end of the casino project, costing billions. At the casino manager's office, Watson realizes who is behind the library theft and murder. At the precinct, Margaret is shown evidence she committed the murders and map theft in order for the casino to be built on land her family owned.

Holmes confesses to Kitty that he's been keeping her busy to avoid being hurt by her suitor. Kitty indicates she knew what Holmes was doing and that it made her feel very protected and loved. Hudson listening to the police scanner for reports of any crime scenes that smell like nutmeg.

Holmes finds that Kramer told Jessica of several murders that one of his clients, Raymond Carpenter, committed. Visiting Sing Singwhere Carpenter is serving a life sentence, Holmes convinces him to confess to Jessica's murder in exchange for a desirable work assignment in prison. Holmes receives a text from Ms. Hudson reporting a shooting at a park band shell which smells like nutmeg. After smelling the scene, The Nose reports that nutmeg is used to cover up several other compounds including bleach and sodium hydroxide, used for dissolving bodies.

Holmes deduces that the nutmeg crime scene aren't connected by the same killer, but by the same "cleaner" of bodies. Holmes finds Conrad Woodbine was a crime scene cleaner and Kitty discovers a nutmeg concoction there.

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Police later raid Woodbine's studio but Woodbine is missing and there is a strong smell of nutmeg. Holmes checks the drain of a large sink and finds an artificial knee tendon. Remembering Woodbine's limp, Holmes believes he's been murdered and cleaned using his own concoction which is later confirmed. Kitty establishes a connection between Woodbine and Raymond Carpenter's son, Jeremy, which results in Jeremy confessing to dissolving many bodies involved in crimes.

However, he recently became sober, came back home and was proud to return to active duty and leave working at the armory. Discovering Flynn sold his pistol and those at the armory to criminal Niko Buros, his inspector's funeral is cancelled.

That evening, Buros kills another officer, Casey Hatem, and more fibers like the ones found at Flynn's murder scene are found. Holmes confronts Daren, who created a website using sayings Holmes uttered at support group meetings.

Holmes threatens to reveal to Daren's wife that he is having an affair if he doesn't take the site down. From his testimony, Holmes realizes Buros shot both Flynn and then Hatem in order for an inspector's funeral to be held in which the armory would be barely manned in order to rob it of its weapons.

However, Buros successfully robs the armory.

remarkable, very valuable

From one of Buros' weapons stashes that was seized, Watson deduces that Buros was hiding the guns in furniture which were then transported to Mexico. Holmes deduces that Buros was on a strict timetable for sending the weapons which points to use of a cargo ship bound for Veracruz. Buros is found by Bell and an ESU team and arrested. At a support group meeting, Holmes looks at the site Daren created which only says "I'm sorry. He asks for help beating the alarm and is distressed when Holmes declines going to a support group meeting.

A nurse, Shauna Milius, arrives looking to hire Watson Milius reports that a fellow nurse, Marissa Ledbetter, disappeared and police haven't been able to find her. Holmes finds Marissa's body and that she died of head trauma and strangulation and, has DNA under her nails that matches a Chris Jacoby.

Mason finds Chris was in a park using city surveillance footage and facial recognition software. Chris is found dead in the woods and Holmes discovers a journal hidden under a rock. Hawes finds Chris' brain was destroyed and an unidentified chemical found in his system. Holmes believes that Chris was part of an illegal drug trial that Marissa was the nurse on. The list found on Marissa showed five dosages, indicating that four other people were given the drug, EZM, and are being murdered to cover up the drug trial.

Everyone provides a list of those that received payments from Purgatorium. Holmes and Watson find one of the drug trial members, Louis Carisle, who identifies Dr. Dwyer Kirke as the leader of the trial. Having found who funded Kirke's research, Holmes and Watson are shown into the palatial home of James Connaughton by his nurse Brett Won. Having been diagnosed with a terminal disease, Holmes cannot motivate James to admit guilt and he has his nurse take him to bed.

Watson suggests that Won be brought to the precinct where the scale of the trial is made known to him. He reveals that he saw a contract for Purgatorium in James' safe and that two hitmen visited James who gave them the list of the participants.

His eyes twitching rapidly, James cannot be woken and Holmes speculates that he took the drug to experience as much time as possible in his remaining days. Checking the third floor, the body is found to be Clay Dubrovensky, who had a doctorate in botany and genetic engineering. The next morning after breaking into Watson's apartmentHolmes wakes Watson by making her a smoothie with a blender. From some Russian coins found at Clay's, he's been able to identify the neighborhood the grow house is in.

Watson tells Holmes that she's folding her private detective business and will be working for insurance company Leda as an in-house investigator. Meeting Captain Gregson at the grow house, they are puzzled to discover most of the pot plants are dead. Holmes spots a valuable, one-of-a-kind orchid, the Wutai Pingtung, on a shelf and believes Clay may have been killed over it. Having found that she bought a cabinet that had the orchid on it, she denies knowing Clay. Told they believe she killed Clay when he didn't deliver the orchid, she insists it was thrown in for free, the seller was anonymous and gives them the second orchid.

Conway provided two bags of plant food and as Watson opens one filled with ground coffee and dried fish, Holmes tells her that's the wrong one for orchids. In order to stimulate thought, Holmes opens the plant food bag with coffee and fish and the strong odor fills the room. Holmes tells Watson that he's decided to make Kitty his new partner. Watson calls Holmes and informs him of Conway's confession while he indicates that he's about to tell Kitty about her promotion.

However, a call from Gregson interrupts asking for Holmes alone to come to a crime scene. Gregson shows Holmes the body of Melanie Vilkas, who went missing days before. Many burn marks are on Vilkas' back which match those that Kitty's abductor inflicted on her. They realize that the abductor has left London and is in NYC. Holmes captures a serial bomber with the help of Shinwell Johnsona former patient of Watson's. Dealing with post-concussion syndrome, Holmes meets Michael Rowan at a support group meeting.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I don't guess. I observe. And once I've observed, I deduce. Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller. He has a brilliant, deductive mind and instantly notices slight details that escape most people's attention. He has an incredible memory for items that assist in criminal investigations but is ignorant of common knowledge, such as pop culture, and can be uncaring and rude.

An expert on many subjects including chemistry and self-defense which he practices on Bobhe uses a network of " Irregulars " in his investigations. He is a beekeeper, plays the violin and has a pet tortoise, Clyde.

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You'll still get the house, of course, and my brain. Horowitz ". I was, for a time, the only one in world. I invented a role for myself. I found a way to take my difference and turn it into something I could use to contribute.

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Categories :. He was a pain in the ass. But he was also very, very good. His father hires Joan Watson to be his sober companion for six weeks, which he claims he has no need for and suggests she should take the six weeks as a holiday instead. After a fight, Watson says she'll request another sober companion for him, but she later decides to stay on. I am a drug addict, Marcus. A drug addict. And it might seem like an abstraction to you because I have been sober since I made your acquaintance.

But two years ago, I was as pitiable a soul as you will ever meet. With help, I fought back, and I got a little bit better. I know what I'm supposed to do with my life. Do you? Attorneys, a call on Holmes' phone results in him asking Watson to accompany him to London to help Gareth Lestradehis old colleague.

As they are packing, Holmes tells Watson his history with Lestrade. He calls him utterly adequate as a detective, but as credit for successes went to Lestrade, he began to crave the glory. Describing the Mary Pendry case, in which Lestrade refused to let go of his suspicions and due to his extreme actions was suspended, Hopkins wants Holmes to find Lestrade.

To his horror, he finds it has been totally remodelled and discovers that his brother Mycroft is living there. Sherlock finds Lestrade in a pub by tracking down various stashes of money that Lestrade knew about. Feeling guilty that he is responsible for Lestrade's addiction to fame, Sherlock agrees to look into the Pendry case.

Sherlock finds that Mary's husband Lawrence did kill her using a plastic gun and is able to find evidence when Lawrence kills his handyman with the same weapon. Sherlock tells Lestrade that in order to break his addiction to fame, he is not to take credit for the arrest and if he does, Sherlock will discredit his involvement. Mycroft texts Sherlock to meet him at a storage centre. He confesses that he didn't give away Sherlock's possessions but stored them at the centre.

He says he learned from Watson that he must have Sherlock's attention when telling him something important and then blows up Sherlock's possessions using books on bomb building that were Sherlock's.

Mycroft says he forgives Sherlock for everything and that things are different between them now. The things that I do, the things that you care about, you think that I do them because I'm a good person. I do them because it would hurt too much not to.

The tip leads Watson to The Brownstone where she discovers Holmes has returned and provided the tip. Holmes admits that he should have said goodbye properly but Watson is still bitter and says she doesn't need his help. Gregson is blunt about their past relationship being a means to an end and states that Holmes can only come back back if Watson agrees to it.

After Kitty Winter has a single stick battle with Watson, Holmes chastizes Kitty for following Watson against his orders. In the hotel where Lloyd was murdered, Watson goes to use the elevator and finds Holmes inside, tracing the bullet shots. Annoyed that he isn't staying out of her case, he follows her to the hotel room Elspeth stayed in when Lloyd was killed. To gain her sympathy, he admits that he left NYC for London because he was afraid that with Watson moving out of the Brownstone, he might relapse.

Largely ignoring him, Watson proceeds into the bathroom. Holmes notes it is beside the elevator Lloyd was killed in and, the bullet were shot towards his room.

Holmes sits on the bench in the shower and reminds Watson that she should examine a crime scene from all perspectives, but she's too angry to take the hint. At the Brownstone, Watson warily greets Kitty who indicates that Holmes has solved her case. With a model, Holmes shows Watson that Elspeth jammed four steel slugs in the side of the elevator and then positioned a large magnet in his hotel room bathroom.

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He monitored Lloyd's protective detail's radio messages and once she was in the elevator, pulled the magnet's switch. The steel slugs were pulled through the elevator, killing Lloyd and Palmer.

Later, Watson finds proof that Holmes' theory is correct, resulting in Elspeth and March's arrests. Watson arrives at the Brownstone to let Holmes know about March's arrest which he congratulates her on. Being loved by you is a dangerous thing, Sherlock. Probably why I'm still alive. Men like us we're not meant to make such connections. But what we do, it's not a job.

It's a calling.

Although the stories of Sherlock Holmes have been adapted for TV and movies over and over again, Elementary was unique for setting the action in America and turning Dr. Aug 24, Not only does Lucy Liu play Joan Watson on Elementary, but Monday's (September 27) episode marks the sixth time the multi-talented star has directed the . Elementary is an American procedural drama television series that presents a contemporary ate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock was created by Robert Doherty and stars Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. The series premiered on CBS on September 27, It is set and filmed primarily in New York of episodes: (list of episodes).
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