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The attacks pass harmlessly through as they always do, long spears of bone breaking off into jagged shards. It feels like a lead ball has anchored your soul to the ground, where it remains encased in some sort of blue spell Your soul feels heavy. A surprise attack rockets out of the snow and you jump, expecting your soul to boost you over the hurdle to safety. The attack deals very little damage, but it stings. What stings more is the fact that it hit you at all You stare at your transformed soul with a plummeting fear that has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with suspicion. It hops In fact, it feels somehow colder than you were when you left the Ruins with no jacket. It feels colder than your near-death ice bath experience.

You were about to question it when he leaned across the booth capturing your lips in a sweet yet needy kiss. He tasted like butterbeer, the taste already vibrant on your own lips.

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His lips were soft but a bit chapped from the cold air. They felt like a dream against your own.

How to CRUSH EVERY DATE (5 Attraction "Hacks")

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