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This is an opinion website that offers information of a general nature and none of the opinions should be construed as advice. Nothing contained within the site is the advice, opinion or otherwise the view of any host, owner, server or other provider of services to Good Looking Loser. Nothing stated shall be construed to serve as a replacement for competent advice from professionals. Affiliate Disclosure: At absolutely no expense to you, if you make a purchase, we may receive commissions from some links on this website. That is how our community supports itself.

Nothing contained within GoodLookingLoser. Visitors are to make their own independent inquiries before acting on any information contained within the website forum. Full Recommendations Page. I didn't think the "Get Hung" guide would have girls eyeing my bulge. It did. I didn't think that your exercise and diet advice would have girls checking me out.

Not in a billion years. It mother fucking did.

all became clear

You saved me a crazy amount of time, a ton of money, unnecessary pain, and destroyed my 1 source of anxiety. Kratom is next! Thanks again Chris, life would suck without you. Nervous Guy Game ". About Chris. Scotty Index Private Training. Erectile Dysfunction Index. Anabolic Articles Get Ripped. Sense of Entitlement. Get Informed Get ated. Index Recent Topics Search. Welcome, Guest. Username: Password: Remember me. Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Create an account. Com'on guys, i think he's saying that just to sell more ebooks: when you're trying to sell things you have to appear successful; by saying that you make a lot of money you gain credibility, people start to think that your stuff is worth.

This rule is similiar to the fake it till you make it rule : to sell your ebook where you explain how to make money on the internet you have to appear that you are already making money on the internet.

I'm not saying that he's not making money, he's just not making what he's stating. You can become rich by selling an ebook but you have to create a viral one, examples of ebooks that made the creator rich are " Six pack abs shortcuts " by the scam artist Mike Chang, he has a youtube channel to and " Truth about abs " by Mike Geary, the second biggest fitness scam artist of the world.

Bloggers will always overstate when telling how much money they're making our only hope is our buddy Chris from GoodlookingLoser. Will he tell us the real truth about how much money can an average blogger make with fitness and self improvement stuff? The topic has been locked. Even so at least the info in Victors ebooks are legit. There is nothing about Victor Pride at Bold and Determined that is a scam. He provides the most motivating and no bullshit posts I have ever read. Within a couple days of reading his posts I bought both of his books and I'm very glad that I did.

Both are worth every penny. Experience yields results yields expertise. It's such a simple concept that I don't know why it has been tough for me to get for all these years It's such a simple concept that I don't know why it has been tough for me to get for all these years.

I am 27 btw. So if you are 31 is that right? Cheers to the best and most authentic guys out there!

Reflections: Why I Decided to Ditch Bold and Determined

Still wouldn't mind seeing a live tape of you using that dick of yours on some college girl. Just sayin. Thank you, this stuff is life changing, just about every page on here makes for a heavy dose of reality and I think I am willing to face it for once. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Chris: This was a great podcast. Very cool to see the 2 top dogs in this industry come together like this. My goal is to be there one day as well. It was definitely good to hear that Victor spent his time building the brand and making his site It was definitely good to hear that Victor spent his time building the brand and making his site something special prior to putting out an e-book.

I am also a big believer in good things taking time in that regard. I absolutely agree with your point about personalizing your site and building that trust. That's why I put my pics on my site and also include some very personal examples illustrating the advice I give aka speaking from experience. My question for you is I have a voice and I'm not afraid to show my face I want to start putting up video blogs on YouTube but am not sure of what type of equipment to use camera, mic, etc.

Do you have any suggestions for the technological ct for recording videos and podcasts? Other than that great job. Looking forward to the other 2 parts.

Wasna Sali Mahdi

I listened to it all in full. I wish he would have asked you other questions rather than business such as screening girls and talking to them and getting pussy that would have been good to hear. Other than that good interview.

Jan 24,   Interracial Dating, Judgement, and Enlightenment (Bold and Determined Podcast #23) Bold and Determined. Bold and Determined . (Bold & Determined) CRYSTAL CLEAR A+ AUDIO. Losers - here is the second podcast in our 2 part series. All four audios will be posted on Next week - look out for an article on Bold & Determined that covers Victor's in-depth perspective of the subjects that we covered, as well as select podcasts and some other surprises. BOLD&DETERMINED | VOLUME ONE 2 one wants their friends and co-workers to do better than them. That's why you simply don't say anything. So now you know what not to tell people. Now you're asking yourself what kind of business to start and not tell people about. Well, I could give you all kinds of ideas about.

Honestly you don't Honestly you don't like reading a whole lot, I don't mind reading, however, I prefer to listen to these type of podcasts over many of your blog posts even though many of your blog posts are really good, I just prefer the podcast.

I got to take care of things while I was listening to it so that's always a plus. I know another guy who couldn't be successful at all blogging, however he does podcasts and he is really popular online. So keep it up. Full Recommendations Page. I didn't think the "Get Hung" guide would have girls eyeing my bulge.

It did. I didn't think that your exercise and diet advice would have girls checking me out. Not in a billion years. It mother fucking did. You saved me a crazy amount of time, a ton of money, unnecessary pain, and destroyed my 1 source of anxiety. Kratom is next!

congratulate, simply

There are many, many articles on the Bold and Determined website with many of the older ones being quite good, but very few of them actually teach concrete and useful information on how to achieve goals in the areas Victor tries to cover - bodybuilding, nutrition, making money and being a man. I personally value my time a little more than that. My doubts about the real person behind this fiction of Victor Pride began when I read his article on steroid use.

not puzzle over

It seems that this person has absolutely zero understanding of the drugs he is promoting and the potentially deadly effects of using them. Watch this documentary for a true picture on steroids and what they can do to your life. But I guess Victor would know better than a former Mr. Universe and professional bodybuilder, right? Of course, Victor gets a nice slice of any sales he makes, so to hell with the consequences for readers lives and never mind that lots of countries have laws banning this substance for a good reason.

Trust is a key factor in any relationship, even between readers and writers. A lack of trust tends to have a spiral effect. I began to wonder: if this guy is using a fake name and hiding behind a facade, what if his whole life is fake? He claims to live in Thailand yet he is neither married to a Thai national nor is he employed in Thailand.

This raises questions as to how exactly he gets his visa to live there. There are basically three options for staying there long-term: work, get married or have a business in the country which allows you to stay for limited time periods.

Also, living here has given me an insight into the insecure, pathetic breed of expat who are nobody back home and move to Asia and lose touch with all reality. It seems like perhaps victor has fallen into that trap. In order to follow someone, you need to be impressed by them. There are several things which turn me off about this guy. Firstly, Victor writes that he has built the best blog in the world and is rich. Everyone should quit their boring, mind numbing jobs and be more like him.

He makes 10k a month online and is king of the castle. Never mind the fact that Victor is entirely dependent on those people he disrespects who fly planes, drive taxis, build the computer he uses, and hell do just about everything.

When I really began to go off this guy was in his most recent podcast when he made racist comments about inter racial breeding. What a load of Neanderthal, disgusting dog shit! How can anyone respect a small-minded, ignorant person like this? This is not the kind of guy I am inclined to follow, nor the kind of direction I want to take in life. I always speak my mind and say what I believe to be the truth.

Steroids in moderation isn't likely to do anything near to what it does to bodybuilders in terms of damage because your doses are much much smaller. I don't know what analytics tool you use to calculate earnings of a site but they are all bs so that point is invalid. I've had sites with more traffic earn 5x less than sites with a quarter of the traffic. And that's pretty much all those tools take into account, traffic.

It may be to you since your on 15 if thats true, props if it is but that is enough money to live well in even the most expensive cities. I'm not trying to arselick victor either, in fact I agree with you about his content going down hill and him being full of himself. I've steered away from his blog too. I like the stuff that Victor writes. As I lived in Thailand for around 5months I can tell you a bit about visas. You could live in Thailand for years on tourist visa.

If you did a visa run through the plane you get 30 day visa on arrival. Think, having a nice weekend away in Hong Kong or Vietnam.

Nov 04,   The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will make up her mind. During the week of November , Steffy will want Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) to break up. She's already dropped hints about wanting Liam back, but she'll soon admit she's dating again, too. Sep 08,   Bold and Determined is a men's self-improvement website written by an author who goes under the pen name Victor Pride. I recently clicked "unsubscribe" and in this article I'll explain why. I first discovered Bold and Determined about a year ago when I typed into Google "how to make money online". A bold and unapologetic advocate for women's human rights, Amina is passionate about defending the rights of women to be free from gender-based violence and to participate equally in peace building, decision making, and politics - two major issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo. #Determined shares the inspirational stories of.

People were living like this for years. Since May it has changed as military took power. But with a bit of money you can buy anything. And visas bribes aren't that expensive.

Keep in mind that a lot of people were living from visas runs and visas bribes so they need to find a way to get their extra source of income.

And they are doing that. As I write under my real name I will put a disclaimer: Anything I have written is just for entertainment purposes.

Confession and Repentance

In real life I would never bribe a police commissioner as giving bribes is illegal. Now you can understand that why he has written a disclaimer.

But as he's just writing for fun and entertainment. Man it's just a smart thing to do. And his identity Victor Pride is so easy to remember, it's a great marketing tool. I am thinking about finding a nickname for myself as no one except Polish people can remember my name. I've been in Thailand a lot of times and I know this is bullshit. In fact, there's a guy sitting beside me right now who lives there and works here in Aussie on the rig. You can only get a tourist visa like what you say for 3 months in a row, affter which time you have to leave for 3 months.

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I'm willing to give the benefit on the doubt and say OK, he's found a way around it. I may be wrong about this particular point, but the rest of what i said stands.

He's lost the plot, he's a racist and he certainly has lost touch with reality. Agree with everything you just wrote so nothing to add there. You just go out through customs on one of those motorbike taxis and go around in a circle back into customs. Is that new or something? Hey Daniel, where did you go in Thailand? When I went in the third time the Thai order official specifically told me not to come back for 3 months. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

words... super Anything

To be honest i still read his site despite the fact that, as you say, the content sucks I will however boycott it from now on. I do this because he is entertaining. And I wonder how any other of his readers feel the same way. And not only is he a clown, but he is VERY contradictory self-rationalizing whatever he does as the 'right thing' to do as well.

Then he eventually dared to man-up and show his face. So yeah What i mean is that he is an obvious hippocrite. Now it's awesome To show your face. Also There is only 1 tiny exception of the things i dont agree with, that you write about the domain worth.

Yet the valuation sites say the site is worth K dollars, and that he makes over dollars per day. So my point is that those valuation sited probably are based on some strange and inaccurate algorithms. Anyway I just wanted to say that your blog has a lot of promise. If you make 15 k a month and have lots of time off, why don't you focus on making this site a killer, make it all it COULD be.

What it has the potential to be! One minute he is telling you to only eat steak heart disease in the making. Do as I say not as I do springs to mind. Good to see someone else can see through the nonsense marketing crap and actually use their brain to analyze a situation, unlike all the little followers who are ironically being the worst kind of beta male in the world by sucking uncle Vics balls on a weekly basis.

I have had other people question the valuations and I do see a point there. I appreciate the feedback on the site.

I'm working on doing something bigger with the site and getting a proper host, but for now to be honest I'm just playing. The limits of blogger are starting to annoy me, so I will begin the process of moving it to a paid host and possibly redesign slightly.

Thanks for commenting and I hope you come back and read again. You're feedback is greatly appreciated! I don't know how anyone can not know it. I can't really elaborate on making money online through a website because I don't make any from this site. Also I spread bet - that means I bet on the stock market going up or down and make money that way. It's all done online so it could qualify as online income.

Victor Pride, the blogger from Bold & Determined says that he's making something like K just by selling his ebooks. Com'on guys, i think he's saying that just to sell more ebooks: when you're trying to sell things you have to appear successful; by saying that you make a lot of money you gain credibility, people start to think that your stuff is worth. Welcome to Modern Life Dating. On this website, I will provide constant ates from our Youtube Page which will help you get what you want in your dating life. I can help you get Success IN: Get a Girlfriend Date Multiple Women Find a Good Wife Get a One Night Stand Decrease the time it takes to sleep with a girl. 9 Years of Pride (Happy Birthday to Bold & Determined) November 19, By Victor Pride Comments. From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: Happy B-day - Well holy moly. Can you believe it was 9 years ago that we were graced with the birth of B&D? The first B&D article ever published was called 8 Reasons Every Man Should Lift Weights. That was.

Your point doesn't address a single thing I've said. I also agree that in the beginning, his posts were far better and delivered greater value. Back then, they actually taught you something you didn't know. But now, everything seems to be about 'motivation'. I guess he's either run out of things to say or he's changed his direction to purely marketing and selling his products.

consider, that you

My guess is, his sole aim these days is to create an emotional response in the readers by writing motivational pieces something he does very well in my opinion or making them envious of the life he claims to live.

This is what gets them to part with their money. The one thing you have to remember about Victor, is his goal, as he's mentioned several times recently, is to get filthy rich. For me, as soon as someone says this, that should get you thinking more carefully about the kind of methods they are willing to employ. This is simply dishonest, and an example of how greed and making as much money as possible can take over.

Basically Victor is doing the same thing by advertising his training program to natural trainers regular guys by using pictures of himself while on drugs.

That's the sign of a pure predator. No, I wrote this post because I felt the need to. On the contrary, you made a decision based on emotion you felt ; you, by definition, have no reason. As I wrote to you before, which path are you following: that of the Self or the self? The path of the Self is objective. This is a great post, and it's kinda relief for me to se that my gutfeeling was not completely off about VP.

I won't say i have been following blindly, but i have been questening myself way to much lately, feeling like a complete looser at some point at least only a day or tobecause if you believe Victors writing, and not follow through like a machine every single day that's what you are. As you i also think Victor has some great writings and teachings, Bold and Determined proably had some of the most positive influence on me, at least in a very long time, and therefore i would give him an enormous benefit of the doubt.

I still think he has some of the best writings and motivational stuff ever, but i also think that's how he is getting away with the more douchy stuff.

That inadequacy you feel when you read VP's posts is exactly what he is aiming for. It's a manipulative marketing technique. Yeah, at least i was questioning, even it was first when read this i, seeing i was not alone i became sure, that there is some real cracks to be found.

Using personal succes to justify labelling and disrespecting others is not. There is simply not enough jobs for everybody in this world, especially not as rockstars and entrepreneurs. Preaching pure liberalism, is like throwing 9 lifevests to 10 people, and then afterwards pointing fingers of the one who ultimately drowned. Victor just makes money on thoose people, which is fine, as long as he don't afterwards says that the last guy was a looser for not buying a vest one of his vests to, when he only had 9 vests to sell.

As you pointed out, most of his followers are just following blindly without questioning. Thats how good a writer he is, and that is what makes him dangerous, even through im sure he changes a lot lifes to. The problem is not offering these things or recommending them, the problem is when you misrepresent them to naive, young dudes who don't know the darkside of both products.

Kratom is a plain and simple addictive narcotic, there's no good way to frame it. I also agree. VP forgets he grew up in America, is clearly from a middle class background and probably had well off parents I can tell this from how he talks about working class people.

All of those things give him huge advantages over men who are probably 10x better than he, but just don't have the breaks. If he'd be a little more humble about his success I could take him seriously, but I see these clowns all the time who come to Asia, forget their roots and just lose their grip on reality.

The reason they don't like going home is because it reminds them of reality - that they're nobody sepcial. That tells me he just didn't have an answer. This is another reason i lost respect for him as a reader. I'm just curious, the 15K?

You know, just cause a lot of people can claim anything online? All of it is made from real world activities. I don't make a dime online unless i decided to place a trade and I don't even count that as income because it's not stable.

Although I have not followed Victor blindly, he has influenced me in many ways. I'm sick of motivational posts altogether. How many times does a reader need to be reminded that they've only got one life, or that there are battles ahead, or that they have to seize the day etc. I know from a business perspective you give people what they want - motivation for people who read it again and again, but aren't probably going to succeed anyway because that's all they're doing - reading motivation.

And don't tell me it's all about mindset - that's bullshit. Your posts on business lessons and reasons to move to Asia are okay, but your blog still lacks real info. Victor could have written half the stuff you've written. I don't want to say this, but it's got to be said. I may not need all your information, but motivation and life philosophy should be a small part of what you do.

At this time, you and Victor seem to be cut from the same cloth narcotics aside, he DID provide a specific recipe for using Kratom. You say you don't need the money from blogging, so why are you pandering to useless bullshit when you could give guys what they actually NEED, whether they ask for it or not. I'm disappointed. Sorry, G. But really, is this all you can do? Secondly I'd say that while you as a reader do have certain needs and wants from articles, there are other readers out there who need different things.

As long as someone is benefiting from them, I will keep writing them. With regards exactitude and how to articles, I see your point. For example, I could write a post on how exactly to move to Indonesia, but what if the reader wants to move to Thailand or China?

I'm not sure I can cater to all of these information requests and a quick google search will tell anyone who's interested how to get a visa. How exactly do readers ultimately benefit is something I can only answer in a few cases, eg in positive emails and comments I have recieved from people saying they're inspired and have decided to make changes in their lives.

Well okay, G. Perhaps I was expecting too much. But I do feel as of now that your posts could be more detailed. That surprised me and turned me right off. Guys an asshole period.

I actually remember reading that comment where he insulted you or else someone else with the same jibe. Like I said, some people just can't handle success and use it to make themselves feel superior to others which is ultimately stemmed from feeling insecure. I'm not saying 10k is chump change period. I'm saying it's chump change in the grand scheme of life. I'd take that kind of boasting from Donald Trump who probably eats 10k at breakfast, but 10k a month is nothing to get big headed about.

It's decent money for sure and most guys would be glad of it, but when you meet truely successful people, it's small time. About 15k a month, it's true and can be easily verified by researching oil and gas salries in Aus.

To be truthful, that's the low end. A lot of dudes are creaming me in earnings and I'm at the bottom end of the food chain. Things will climb from here as I expand my operations online and in other ventures I have lined up. Thanks for commenting and sorry this comment took so long to approve, it seemed to go into spam for some reason.

However, I disagree with a few of the things you've mentioned and would be keen to hear your thoughts. I've seen his youtube videos and I've only perceived the guy as straightforward. The concept of him being substantially dishonest didn't reveal itself in his mannerisms.

I, however, agree that the articles have lost a great degree of substance. What are your thoughts on 1 Mike Danger clearly a smart guy but something makes me very wary of him and 2 Ramit Sethi Clearly affluence-desiring but seems to provide a lot of value? Ultimately, when one becomes an internet marketer, I don't know, quite frankly, if it is possible to maximize profits while staying fully truthful.

I will seek to do so though. After realizing he had a whole army of mindless followers who would jump to defend him, he came out from beind the mask. I believe he actually explained his name once, Victor for Victorious, Pride for having won over the system, if memory serves me correct. I'd say on a person to person level he'd be pretty much straightforward as you say, but if someone is a confirmed racist, xenophobic asshole, is it really such a stretch to think they might be dishonest?

The truth is none of them have an original thought in their heads, hence i withdrew from the community. Ramit Sethi I have never heard of but I'll look him up. Quite interested. Oil and Gas offshore.

Just started reading VP months ago. And surprisingly I've only read posts. Enjoy his podcasts though. I'm not sure he has a lot to be arrogant about. And like you said telling young men to jump on the juice or narcotics is absolutely ridiculous.

I've been on Wall Street Playboys. It didn't grip me at first but I will check it out again. That showed me he isn't the guy I thought he was.

I also directly asked him does he endorse racism and to come out on his position in front of his readers, and he completely dodged the question. I'll stand for anti-feminism, anti liberal economics, anti-welfare, but one thing I will not stand for is racism. I agree he's douchey and somewhat hypocritical, but not enough to pen an article about it. How do we know YOU don't have an agenda you are trying to push? Word of advice. Taking shots at bloggers who are more successful than you are isn't going to get you where you need to be.

You are the first to call out empty content, but your articles are very generic. Did you even write most of them? You don't seem to have a strong voice. Slander is defined as a false accusation damaging someones reputation.

It's therefore not slander if it's true. Maybe you should pick up a dictionary. Maybe I should stick to my day job?

Bold and determined dating

Excellent article. I could not agree more. I read his blog for about a week and then gave up. Making money off of young millennials who can't find their way. Look at some of the post counts of certain individuals on these sites. Unplug once in awhile. There is one thing that is also missing from Victor's site, and for most of those sites.

Can't trust a man who can't show his face. Thank you for this post, Gavin.

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I thought I was the only one that had an alarm going off in my head at some of the things that Victor would say in his posts. I could not agree with you more. A lot of his older material is good, but the newer write-ups irritate me all the time. I stumbled across Vicotr's website last week. I read one of his articles, and found it to be quite entertaining. I laughed at his ideologies, but was in no way inclined to follow him in any way.

You are right on the money G-freedom. His ego is out of control. He thinks hes hard because he makes 10k a mo? That aint jack I don't know if you guys followed the latest post There is some cat on there named Italian G.

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