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When the series begins, she holds the rank of Detective and is partnered with Detective Elliot Stabler Christopher Meloni , serving as the junior member of the pair. Following Stabler's departure at the end of the 12th season after a deadly shootout in the precinct, she is partnered with Detective Nick Amaro Danny Pino and becomes the senior member. During the 17th season, she is promoted to Lieutenant and becomes the squad's official commanding officer. She is promoted to Captain in the 21st season premiere. Hargitay remains the only original cast member still present on the series. Hargitay's portrayal of Olivia Benson has received critical acclaim, and she has been the recipient of numerous awards and nominations, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

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When he taunts her, she loses control and beats him within an inch of his life with an iron rod. She is rescued by her fellow detectives moments later, and Cragen puts her on mandatory leave so she can recover. SVU: " Surrender Benson ". She returns to work in the following episode, " Imprisoned Lives ", which takes place two months later, but is still haunted by the experience. She begins seeing a therapist to cope with the trauma.

Olivia Benson's Steamiest Relationships on Law & Order: SVU

It is later revealed that Lewis survived and is in jail awaiting trial. He calls Benson as a witness and accuses her of assaulting him because he rejected her sexual advances.

She vehemently denies it and lies under oath that he had broken free of his restraints and lunged at her. Lewis is found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a police officer, but the jury voices doubts about Benson's story and acquits him of attempted rape. The episode closes with Benson weeping on the courthouse stairs and, four months later, Lewis being wheeled away on a stretcher.

In " Beast's Obsession ", Lewis uses the distraction caused by his self-induced cardiac incident to escape from prison. He then rapes a teenaged girl, kidnaps her younger sister and threatens to kill her unless Benson tells the truth about her testimony.

Benson holds a press conference and admits that she lied on the witness stand. When Lewis does not release the girl, Benson tracks him down and surrenders to him. With his hostage watching, Lewis at first attempts to rape Benson, but changes his mind when she refuses to show him fear; instead, he forces her to play Russian roulette with him. As a police squad closes in, Lewis taunts her one last time before committing suicide right in front of her.

In " Post-Mortem Blues ", she is brought before a grand jury to explain her admission and Lewis' death. Her career is threatened until Declan Murphy tells the grand jury that he instructed Benson to lie in her press conference, thus clearing her of Lewis' death and possible perjury charges.

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Murphy then makes Benson his second-in-command. She later identifies with a woman named Sarah Walsh who, like her, was sexually assaulted twice and helps both her and herself in dealing with these incidents.

Are olivia and elliot dating on svu

While a dedicated officer, Benson is more likely to go to bat for women she deals with during cases than men and has shown skepticism during cases where women are the offenders and men are the victims, or allows her sympathy for the victim to cloud her judgment and make her commit actions without thinking. This was exemplified when she interrogated a man until he confessed to a crime which he was later found to be innocent of and sending him to prison for life, which could have been avoided if she was thinking clearly enough to check on the evidence.

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SVU : " Justice Denied ". Benson speaks some Spanish, Italian and French. She is also able to read the Miranda rights in two or three other languages. SVU : " Prodigy ". Benson found out about the man who raped her mother and others. He knew about his daughter and kept track of her. He once tried to call her but got Serena instead. SVU : " Stalked ".

Are olivia and elliot dating on svu

Benson and Serena seemed to care about each other a great deal. Serena died as the result of a fall down the subway stairs across from a bar. SVU : " Taken " Benson said her mother was a drunk. Benson became involved with a child who was neglected by her parents the way Benson felt neglected by her mother.

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SVU : " Abuse " Benson said she was in love with an older man and that she "couldn't have loved him more. Are olivia benson and elliot stabler dating For those who've tried and stabler is for online dating on svu detective olivia benson and elliot stabler. Jump to thousands of the svu but the night before she matters to find single woman.

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Law and Order SVU - Cold - Olivia/Elliot - Bensler

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Aug 16,   Elliot Stabler In the season 12 olivia, Stabler is forced to shoot and kill a young woman who opens fire stabler the Special Victims squad room. Before dying in Stabler's arms, she had killed two suspects involved in the rape and murder of her mother and injured a third, dating well as killing recurring character Sister Peg Charlayne Woodard. Character overview. Series creator Dick Wolf named his two lead detectives after his son, Elliot, and his daughter, Olivia. Wolf conceived Benson as a detective in the Manhattan Special Victims Unit, which investigates sex the first twelve seasons of the show, she is partnered with Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni); after he resigns (offscreen) at the beginning of season 13, First appearance: September 20, , (episode . Aug 30,   And even though they have the best (platonic) relationship ever, no, her partner Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is not on the list. Season 19 premieres on Sept. 27, so if you haven't made it.

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